This event would not be possible without Katie Smith, Fiona Whyte, Jo Schaab, Naomi Scott, Kat Kane and Patrick Dunne.

Thank you Judith Chivers, Mim Black, Jim Walker, Iain Thom, Liam Withnail, Storytelling PR, Darren, Tara, Callum and Greenside Venue, Extinction Rebellion Edinburgh and Extinction Rebellion Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Alice Boyd, Staging Change, Kate Amann, Kate Whitaker, Matt Toynbee, Mary Smith, Will George, Aurelie Tartaud, Joanna O’Loan, Jaime Robertson, Maxine O’Neil, Ali Jeffrey-Thom, Ann Simpson, Sha Heiyantuduwa, Allen Simpson, Anita Oberstar, Spela Oberstar, Helga Schram, Justin Kenrick, Leslie Hill, Lauren Keating, John Simpson, Sylvia Simpson, Ariella Simpson, Ewan Hastings, Jan Mauritz, Nicole Mathie, Lauren Kelly, Josephine Petersson, Lars Petersson, Jo Venables, John Harding, Jenny Smith, Beth Godfrey, Barry, Amy Russell, Mary Smith and Andy Smith

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