We are Patrick Dunne and Katie Smith. We are terrified about the current collapse of ecosystems, of spiralling emissions and rising temperatures. We are worried about resource wars, droughts, mass starvation and the collapse of global breadbasket regions. We are worried about what future we will have, not in 20 or 30 years but in 10 years, or 5. We are terrified about what sort of life our nieces and nephews will have. What horrors of war and deprivation and loss will they suffer when they should be at primary school?

In 2018 the IPCC released the most comprehensive report on Climate Change ever made. At about the same time Greta Thunberg started striking from school and began to appear on our newsfeeds. One day Extinction Rebellion occupied five bridges in London demanding a new way and promising maybe a new hope. We said to each other ‘at last someone is doing something.’

We realised the importance of the report and we were inspired by the actions people were taking, smashing their comfort zones and really doing something. So we decided to do something. We joined Extinction Rebellion and on the 2nd of January after a swim in the sea at Portobello I said to Katie wouldn’t it be great if someone read that report at the Fringe like Iraq out and Loud in 2016?

We realised no one else would do it if we didn’t. So we set out to do that. We have no experience of climate science, no experience of putting on a fringe show or co-ordinating more than 100 speakers made up from performers, politicians and activists. We have no resources, expertise or experience. We have an idea that we believe in. Many others have joined us to make this idea come to life. Since January we have got ourselves a shipping container in a car park in Infirmary Street and have become part of the Greenside Venue. We are in the Fringe programme and we have begun to compile our 100+ readers.

We got namechecked in the official Fringe Press Release and we appeared in the Guardian, the Herald and the Skinny. I like to think that for a brief moment we were the most talked about show in the Fringe.

Since the Fringe we have read at the Scottish Parliament and during the Extinction Rebellion Protests in London in October. We have now established relationships with groups in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and elsewhere to stage readings in festivals and protests.

If you want to stage a reading where you are get in contact 1.5degreeslive@gmail.com

Welcome to 1.5 Degrees Live!

Katie and Paddy at the reading during the Extinction Rebellion protests in London, October 2019